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“Breakthrough Research Has Proven It.”

Now You Can Ejaculate When You Want, Become Secure, Confident & Dynamite In Bed… And Do It All In Just 90 Minutes A Week

FACT: Our ejaculatory response changes. AND: We can retrain it to last longer… to the point where you ejaculate when you want (and only when you want) in less than 90 days. This does not involve special creams, pills or some kind of ‘miracle’…

FACT: Virtually every man is able to retrain their ejaculatory response. But, this is such a taboo subject, that sneaky marketing sells more than real-world results… However, I focused on retraining my body to ejaculate when I want, and you’ll learn how I can last 30 minutes, an hour, or even longer, right here…

FACT: You have been lied to if you think that pills, creams or the stop-start method will help you fix the problem. They are completely UNNATURAL. They go against NATURE. It’s like trying to swim without using your arms or legs!

FACT: You cannot find this natural ejaculation training system anywhere else. I have sole ownership of it, and it’s only found right here, on this VERY PAGE… SO keep reading

I’m not asking you to just “buy a book”. I’m asking you to read what I have to say in this letter. It affects any man who wants to last longer in bed… Especially if you think you’ve tried everything and you’re thinking to yourself, “Well, it’s just impossible. It’s just taking my money without helping me last longer.’

This letter will change your mind.

Today’s premature ejaculation products are plain scams… and they are KEEPING YOU from the sex-life you deserve.

Are you afraid of the term ‘premature ejaculation’? Do you really think all those guys who are popping weird, underground pills are lasting as long as they want in bed, whenever they want?

Think again.

These guys hide the truth. Yet, how many men have you heard boasting in a bar that they went from being a minute-man to a marathon man? How many men tell you that weird combination pills actually meant they became sex god?

Now, you tell me: do you think that those guys would be able to keep it quiet if they went from being losers to total studs in the bedroom? I’ll wager you said, “No,” and you would be correct. Statistics reveal that only 1/2 of 1% of guys seeking a fix to premature ejaculation make any significant transformation over a YEAR, let alone over just 90 days.

Why? Because good people like you have been misled and lied to by shady premature ejaculation pill manufacturers, magazines and scam-artists. You probably believe you have to buy a pill or do weird tantric BS to get results, when all you REALLY need to do is retrain your body the natural way.

Creams, Combo-Pills and Chinese herbs not required

Scientists never bothered with ANY of this modern, repackaged junk, and believe me, they transformed their penises almost overnight.

In fact, there’s an infamous porn industry insider, who is famous for getting rookie porn stars ready for a lifetime of long porn-shoots… in less than TWO WEEKS!

How did he do it? NATURAL, ENDURANCE TRAINING, BABY. That’s how.

And that’s exactly how YOU will do it. I knew ‘Mr. Stamina’, and I also know all of his secrets, plus a handful of other “get it done FAST” secrets. I’ll tell you HOW I know all of this in just a moment…

All I did was condense these methods and make them work for the busy man who wants equally FAST results… without all the fancy “stop-start, squeeze kegel” mumbo-jumbo, or spending 60 minutes a DAY working until your penis is red-raw.

Listen: I didn’t ‘train’ my penis for 90 minutes A WEEK… and my regime is so simple. Not to brag, but I can last an hour or two (or anytime before that) without touching the ‘MUST BUY NOW’ premature ejaculation ‘cure’ crap. But hey… if that’s your gig, waste your time and money. I prefer something else.

The ANSWER Is Found Within The Premature Ejaculation Killer

There’s a reason “ejaculation training” is where it’s at – however, let’s be crystal clear. It requires you to follow the guidelines exactly, and an old-fashioned attention-to-detail is required. You don’t work LONG, but you do work WELL.

And don’t worry, I designed the unique 60 minutes per WEEK protocol to work ESPECIALLY for the men who’ve tried everything else. Men who want to add 15, 30 or 60 minutes to their bedroom performance.

My trademarked Protocol is called the Premature Ejaculation Killer… The Premature Ejaculation Killer uses a highly specific approach to increase stamina in a unique scientific combination anyone can do that has worked for thousands of men so far.

How do I know all of this?

I’m Brandon Rukin, the stamina guru who previously just taught one-on-one to the wealthiest people on the planet. Don’t let the name ‘Guru’ fool you. I have a large, private following because I’m focused on the truth, not absurd gimmicks, worthless machines or “premature ejaculation pills”. (Come on, are you SERIOUS?!? You are WAY too smart to fall for all that nonsense!)

My Method Simply Works… But ‘Regular’ Stamina Tactics Just Steal Your Money!

Endurance Training WORKS… And I’m here to tell you I’ve seen it… I’ve tried it… And I keep coming back to what really works. And that is the Premature Ejaculation Killer Protocol… Birthed by the sweat and tears of men who wanted ultimate stamina, and tested by everyone from grandpas to world-famous celebrities. It works FAST. It works EVERY TIME. You just have to be willing to work yourself. There are no free rides, miracle pills, or inefficient creams found in Premature Ejaculation Killer. Why? Because non of that crap works, and you know it.

Every shady marketer and publisher wants you to believe there’s some kind of shortcut to the sexual stamina that you desire. They’re full of it. You’re too smart to buy into that, right?

Now, there’s good news, too. “Specific” does not mean complicated. “Specific” does not mean LONG. And “specific” does not mean dangerous.

Remember, I am in my 50s, so I don’t believe in stupid gimmicks. I put the Premature Ejaculation Killer together with the honest, willing man in mind, and it’s specifically and uniquely tailored to help you improve your penis stamina and your overall penis health. Just know THIS…

These Techniques For Ending Premature Ejaculation Are Really Hard to Find

Unless you’re a porn industry insider, have spent tens of thousands of dollars on my one-on-one tutorials, AND can read minds, you simply cannot find this specific System anywhere on the planet but on this page.

Sure, you may find similar pages. After all, it’s common sense that endurance training works. And if you really wanted to, you could spend 10 years going through all the scientific journals, spend about 100 hours on Google, and probably track down 80% of what I cover in the Premature Ejaculation Killer.

You could do that… but why?

I’ve not only created the system FOR you. I’ve already put all the sexual stamina action steps into one short, simple to read, easy to understand handbook that you can read AND put into action in about 2-3 hours. That’s it. Short, no fluff, and right to the point.

So, it’s up to you: get the Handbook that I’ve created for you, or start digging around and hope you figure it out.

And, no matter what you decide, you will never access my amazing transformation stories, all the specifics that can make or break your results, and all the freebies I’m about to show you without choosing your own copy of the Premature Ejaculation Killer.

This works for any man, no matter how young or old you are

Over the past 10 years or so, I have seen a few prevailing lies told over and over again… “Just popping a pill will increase your stamina…” It’s a crock! “Applying cream with cure you forever!” What a joke! ONE simple System… MY System… will work for any man at any age, without taking risks of any kind. That means you can increase your delayed ejaculation discreetly, without worrying about doing damage to your penis or putting your health in danger. And it means REAL, LIFETIME SEXUAL STAMINA.

Now you may want to know about my results:

I used the exact same system to go from ejaculating in under 20 seconds to being able to last over an hour. How did I create such a huge difference in my sex life?

Because the Premature Ejaculation Killer Protocol has 3 phases. Each phase is designed to give you exactly what your desire from your penis - nothing more, nothing less.

Let me tell you about these 3 Phases…

Phase 1 – The Physiological Reset Program

Do you want to add 5, 10, even 30 minutes to your sexual performance? Then you will start with the simple Physiological Reset Principle that most people have never heard of. As I told you, this is the only place online you can get this life-changing, penis-transforming information.

NOTE: The ‘Reset’ reverses that bad habits that you’ve unknowingly formed which mean that you ejaculate faster than you should. This step alone normally triples the time it takes a man to ejaculate. However, we want far more than that. We want ultimate sexual stamina…

Phase 2 – Pelvic Equilibrium Principle

Once you have reset your body with the Physiological Reset Program, then and ONLY then should you proceed to Phase 2: Pelvic Equilibrium Principle. That’s what I did. First, I reset my body’s bad habits, then I learned about balance during sex. I don’t mean balance like a gymnast does! I mean internal sexual balance between arousal and non-arousal. This gives you conscious control over ejaculations.

Here, you learn control. That’s it! Nothing drastic, nothing major. Just simple, 30-45 minute workouts a few days a week that dramatically give you control over your ejaculation. That’s all you need to add more stamina.

Oh, and the added benefit of the Pelvic Equilibrium Principle is that once you learn to balance, you never lose it. It’s a sexual version of riding a bike!

Phase 3 – Endurance Training

Here’s where guys like me come into the picture. I challenged myself to last as long as I could, as quickly as I could. 30 minutes until ejaculation with a sexy woman is a huge target, for a former ‘minute-man’ like me. This three-pronged attack is what separates 5 minute men from 10 minute men from men who choose exactly when and if they ejaculate.

I love my stamina. After I hit 30 minutes, I realized that I could fully control the ejaculatory response without ever stopping during sex, changing position, doing mega-kegel squeezes or any of that garbage. I learned the subtle, easily trained method to keeping me from ejaculating until I wanted to ejaculate. And I learned it through Endurance Training.

How does it work? I practiced through Endurance Training using very specific techniques to ensure that I was like a world-class athlete. And the results led to complete control. It’s not difficult. All you have to do is follow the system and don’t break the rules.

You remain in total control!

Now, here’s the really good part. You are in TOTAL CONTROL – you simply CHOOSE when you ejaculate! You never, EVER have to worry about waking up and not being able to orgasm… That just doesn’t happen with the Premature Ejaculation Killer. You can even stop training when you learn control. This skill doesn’t go away!

I know, this sounds so incredibly simple… and it is. You see, you might be confused when it comes to what to do these days in order to increase your stamina.

There are so many super-complicated pills or creams out there; it’s enough to confuse anyone! And it’s not your fault. So many magazines, especially the “blue mags”, print the most confusing, and downright STUPID premature ejaculation plans and exercise routines I’ve ever seen! It’s no wonder that men are spending bucket loads of cash each year and putting their health at risk at shockingly young ages.

My motto is: Make It Simple, Yet Make It Challenging.

Everything you need to know has been condensed into this simple-to-use handbook:

So, let’s recap what we’ve learned so far:

  • The fastest way to increase your sexual stamina for life. NOT creams… NOT pills… and NOT by ‘cheating’ during sex…
  • The mistake you absolutely MUST AVOID is to use an exercise system that forces you to work out more than 90 minutes per week, especially if you’re just getting started. Long workouts could damage your penis!
  • The solution is found in attaining pelvic balance and then training… something that does not demand taking dangerous Chinese pills… and something that takes only 90 minutes a week.
  • The results have been proven through the last decade… and now, YOU can have the “Handbook” version of this exact System that I’ve had the good fortune to stumble across!

I can’t take all the credit for this system

I wasn’t kidding when I said I got lucky and “stumbled” upon this natural, stamina-training solution… One so EASY on your time and body that anyone can stick to it.

That was a result of becoming best friends with one of the biggest porn insiders of our age, getting his methods first-hand, and then picking his brains in order to make the Premature Ejaculation Killer the hottest premature ejaculation cure on the planet!

You’ve probably heard the expression, “It takes a village to raise a child.” Well, it took a “family” of very dedicated, very scientific and very results-driven men… men who lived what they preached… to “raise” us up to see the truth:

The longest-lasting sexual encounters are forged from very simple yet precise SAFE ejaculation techniques. Stamina that takes time, mind you, but stamina that ANY MAN can do at ANY age (we’ve proven it time and time again.)

The plan is really BABY SIMPLE… yet:

Go it alone, and you will end up confused and frustrated

I’ve seen people try and do it on their own without my “users guide” handbook, Premature Ejaculation Killer.

The results are NOT pretty.

Finding how to get pelvic equilibrium is not all there is to it. People see how easy the Premature Ejaculation Killer is, and some assume they can just do it by themselves, without the instructions and specifics that come in the Premature Ejaculation book.

Well, they end up pretty confused most of the time. That’s because the Premature Ejaculation Killer is highly specific.

Would you start investing money in the stock market after watching the movie “Wall Street”… and think you knew what you were doing? Of course not. This is no different. When we tell men that there are only three steps they often dive in and try to GUESS how to do them… it doesn’t work like that.

There are THREE steps, but these steps vary, and ABSOLUTELY MUST be done in a highly targeted, specific and unique way in order to see the results you desire.


This is definitely not for everyone

There are some people I simply do not want to give a copy of my book to… and I mean NO offence, but I just don’t want you to waste your time and money. Fair?

Premature Ejaculation Killer is WRONG for you IF:

  • You think “simple” means “no hard work”. Dream on. Every step requires planning and work. We’ve just made is as easy as possible.
  • You don’t want tweak your routine to make this possible. I reveal some very simple exercises that you will need to make you see results come extra fast. These accelerate the process of ejaculation control. Nothing radical, but still… you will not be sitting around and doing nothing and wake up with the penis of your dreams.
  • You refuse to follow a simple step-by-step plan to the letter. This is as simple as riding a bike with stabilisers. With this plan, you won’t fall off. Just stick to the road and we’ll steer you to the penis you want.
  • You think, “I’m too stupid to do this.” Listen: this is EASY. Period! The blueprint that you follow makes it simple for any man to follow, so get that out of your head!
  • Or, you are just one of those folks who will buy the book and then let it sit on your desktop and never read it. Please, don’t waste your money if that’s the case. However, if it IS the case, just realize, you’re only going to become less and less happy with your love-life and your penis… and perhaps even get deeply depressed… unless you do something about your ejaculation problem, starting now.

Don’t be fooled by how simple this System looks

E=MC2 looks simple… but it’s also one of the most powerful equations in all of physics. “Simple” is almost always the best way to do anything. Speaking of Einstein, he once said, “Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler.”

That’s what I’ve done for you: I’ve made penis enlargement and penis health as simple as possible.

So please: DO NOT be fooled by how simple the Premature Ejaculation Killer will look. It will look almost “too” simple to work… but just DO IT. It will work for you, guaranteed.

I want to make this an absolute no-brainer for anyone wanting a fresh, simple and proven way to REALLY gain ejaculation control.

I figured I’d start at this low price and keep it there until I simply could not keep up with the volume of customer support emails (I get a lot of ‘thank you!’ emails and I think it’s only right to answer them all.)

Plus, this is not some super-fancy book with a million-dollar publisher’s ad budget. This is just a simple, comprehensive, and to-the-point e-book that will give you the ANSWERS in as little time as possible.

I did the hard work. I rounded up this information from literally years of interviews, medical research and tried it out personally.

But I didn’t “invent” anything. I just compiled it all for you to put it into a super-simple to follow format.


Here’s where we get really crazy

I am SO confident that Premature Ejaculation Killer will be the BEST PREMATURE EJACULATION SYSTEM you have ever purchased that I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is by offering this DOUBLE money-back guarantee.

Guarantee #1: Use my System for 60 days ON ME. If you do not get the fastest results you’ve ever seen… no matter what your goals are (increase stamina by 5 minutes, 10 minutes or even an hour)… I will give you 100% of your money back… OR:

Guarantee #2: If you don’t like the SERVICE you receive and the EASE of purchase, same guarantee: 100% of your money back!

I stand behind not only my product, but my commitment to YOU and your success.


That’s how absolutely positive I am Premature Ejaculation Killer will revolutionize the way you view premature ejaculation — as well as reinvent your penis in record time…


Only a limited amount will be sold at this price

After I release a few thousand copies as this RIDICULOUSLY low price, I know my servers will be taxed, my time with my members extended… and I will HAVE TO INCREASE THE PRICE.

See the table below for the price increase schedule… and you best order now to make sure you lock in the lowest price possible.

And I want to give you some really awesome gifts today…

I are supremely confident that I’m giving you the absolute BEST premature ejaculation System ever developed.

But I’m not stopping there. I want you to be so over-the-top thrilled with your decision to claim your copy of Premature Ejaculation Killer, that I’m tossing in these incredible bonuses…


Bedroom Satisfaction Tips (Usually $67)

  • Learn the techniques to make her addicted to you
  • Master the psychology of sexuality – she’ll want to jump on you before you’re even together
  • Understand female sexual organs so that you can cause her to orgasm again and again
  • Use your fingers to get her off better than she gets herself off
  • And much, much more…


How To Become An Alpha Male (Usually $47)

It’s been scientifically proven that women prefer men who are alpha male, i.e. men who are powerful. In fact, women orgasm easier and harder with alpha males. This guide offers you a shortcut to making yourself appear alpha… Pretty soon you’ll actually BE alpha!

  • How to exude the Alpha body language that drives women wild
  • How to create fated encounters with women, so they feel it was ‘meant to be’
  • The mistakes men make that turn women off – and how to AVOID them
  • Alpha conversations with beautiful women to make her want you right NOW
  • How to avoid being nervous around hot women
  • And much more…


Infidelity Investigation (Usually $67)

Never get cheated on again. I mean, I’m gonna be honest with you, you’ll be the biggest catch in town when your sex-stud status gets around. Yet, some men have been cheated on before. This system shows you how to catch a cheating lover…

Here’s what’s inside:

  • The top ten types of cheater – spot if she is one
  • How to discover the tell-tale signs of cheating
  • How to collect cues to find out if she’s honest or not
  • Phone and computer clues – and how to get proof!
  • And much, much more!

Free Super-Bonus

fade-leftfade-rightNo-Touch Orgasm System

Learn the script that can cause ordinary women to orgasm, using only the power of your voice… PLUS, anchor any word of your choosing deep inside her mind, so she cums whenever you utter it… FOR FREE!

This bonus is CRAZY. No kidding. Have you ever wanted the incredible power of giving a woman orgasms without even touching her? What about from saying a single word?

If you do want this skill, the No-Touch Orgasm System shows you how.

You’re getting – totally free – the script to cause your woman to orgasm, using just your voice. And you are also going to learn how to anchor that command, so whenever you want her to orgasm in the future, you simply repeat one word. You could be at a game, on an aeroplane, swimming, watching a concert – anything. And, once you’ve run the system on her once, you can make her orgasm whenever you wish.

This SUPER-BONUS is short, simple and can be used on your lover whenever you have a quiet moment together. It’s so effective I almost didn’t include it. This alone is worth $200. Yet, you can have it for free today!

  • Make a woman orgasm using just your voice
  • Anchor an orgasm-giving word deep in her mind, so whenever you utter it, she’ll have an explosive orgasm
  • Read & learn the script, so you can’t go wrong
  • And enjoy the power of being a true orgasm supplier, without touching her at all ;-)

“Wait a sec, why is it only $47?!”

I realize how cheap Premature Ejaculation Killer looks. And guess what? It IS worth far more than you’ll be paying today. The question is, ‘Why?’

The reason is more simple than you could imagine. I remember how much money I wasted. When my porn industry friend sat me down, I knew I had the answer…

He didn’t sit you down though. So I’m making this system a no-brainer for you. This is vastly under-priced. Yet, I don’t want you to suffer for decades like I did. I want you to get the penis and sexual performance you desire today. I want you to feel empowered. To be the MAN.

Today is your opportunity. And today you don’t have to worry about how much it costs. You just have to follow the steps and get the penis and sex life of your dreams. I was just like you. And guess what? Ejaculating too soon forever is not what I desire for you.

So take advantage of my offer now. You don’t have to pay $1,997 bucks on this! Today you pay just $47. I know the offer is crazy. But I’m just a guy trying to help other guys like me. So jump. Take the plunge. Make the change. And live the life-style that you’ve always dreamed of.

Your dream is about to become a reality.

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